On Behalf of NAPO-South Florida chapter, I would like to thank you for a fantastic presentation! The members and guests feel that they gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of Feng Shui. We appreciate the time and effort you put in helping us achieve such a successful meeting. 

NAPO, National Association of Professional Organizers

South Florida

It is impossible to overstate the impact Michelle has had on the work environment in my law office. Her capacity to turn chaos into logical order is remarkable. 


When Michelle first came to us, the clutter and inefficient methods we were using had overwhelmed the entire staff and was negatively affecting the work environment. We knew we needed to make some changes but quite frankly didn't know where to start.


Enter Michelle and in a very short period of time the entire office was revamped. Things were filed in logical order, systems were put into place to allow us to easily access the status and vital information on every file in the system, and a protocol for prioritizing tasks was instituted. From a physical standpoint, desks and filing cabinets, office supplies and even the refrigerator were reaaranged. The impact of these changes rapidly went well beyond the clean desk and organized file drawers. It extended to a new attidude in the workplace and a sense of order that resulted in less time wasted looking for things, reduced frustration and increased productivity.


Delray Beach, FL.


If there is a master of Feng Shui along the East Coast, and its application to quieting the cacophony of our modern, technologically noisy world, it is Michelle.  I've known her for more than seven years, and witnessed her tireless study and interpretation of this powerful approach to creating harmony, peace, flow, and abundance in our Western lives. 


Her deft touch and sensitivity to the desires of her clients is nothing short of remarkable.  Her gifts and diligence to the practice have brought her to the pinnacle of the practice and catapulted her to a leadership position in the field.  She is a truly an authentic representative of the practice, in mind, heart, and spirit, and a model of the potentiality of this philosophy and practice.


Open your door to her expertise and you will discover the true power of this subtle, yet majestic, ancient practice.  Her presence changed my life, and I know she is a vessel of wisdom that will bring your life to an entirely new threshold of balance, peace, and bliss.


I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to create the refuge our spirits yearn for in these transformational times.
Terry M.

Venice, FL

Dear Michelle,

Words cannot adequately express my deep appreciation. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents for our home during THE SONORA PROJECT. Thank you for being a such a positive force in our lives and looking forward to future good times and adventures.


Thanks again for your amazing work and look forward to your return.

Joanne M., Beni-Jun, & JoBess J.

Sonora, TX


Hi Michelle,

My husband retrieved the mail this afternoon and we opened the box from you together.  We laughed as we unveiled layer after layer .... it was pure glee.   We took our time and admired each “pod‣ for its uniqueness and beauty.  And when we got to the inner pouch holding the pendant, we were simply delighted.  It is so beautiful and of such high quality .... It is perfect! 
We each decided to get yin-yang jewelry for our 40th wedding anniversary this year.  My husband selected a wonderful watch with a moving yin-yang dial.  I was still deciding, and when I saw your pendant, I hoped this would be the one.  I didn’t expect it to hold so much meaning.  The mother of pearl reflects the present ... a  rainbow of life’s endless possibilities.  The onyx represents the sum of yesterdays .... solid, very real outcomes of the choices made.   And the smoothness of the bonded gems represents our wonderful union!  I’ll wear the pendant on a 30 inch gold chain so that I can look and enjoy it’s symbolism.
Thank you so much for the wonderful moments we shared today unveiling this prize and for making the pendant with such a rich history for you available to me.

Joan M.
WakeForest, NC

Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for being here. I'm restoring a barn shed to make a home office in the back yard and could use some positive energy flowing there. I've been into Feng Shui about 20 years but sometimes I forget things. I like that you listed the fish and the direction of water flow. I was thinking Koi,but may use one of the fish you listed. Your blog has the most accurate information I've seen on the internet.
Thanks again!


Dear Michelle,

We purchased the Yin Yang pendant for our Yoga instructor Sally, for Christmas. It arrived on time and beautifully packaged, the quality and workmanship is excellent. Also, your monthly newsletter is amazing. Well written, concise and packed with information that can be employed immediately. Thank you again Michelle for opening my eyes to the world of Feng Shui. 

Joanne M. 

Dallas, TX


Dear Michelle,
I want to thank you for your comprehensive newsletters each month. They are full of useful information that really makes applying the principles of Feng Shui easy. I have incorporated many of your suggestions for my bathroom which is in my wealth and prosperity area. I wanted to be sure to enhance this area and implemented your suggestions. I have used many of your recommendations throughout my home and people who visit tell me it looks and "feels" beautiful.
The Flying Star newsletter gave me a whole new perspective on using cures and I decided (wisely) to wait until next year to start creating garden beds in certain areas as you suggested so as not to disturb the Flying Star energy for my new home. 
I look forward to your monthly newsletters and forward them to interested friends and colleagues. Thanks again for sharing your wealth of information.
Blessings, Eva R.
Pemberton, NJ

Dear Michelle,

My Feng Shui consultation was brilliant. I loved the way you sat down and explained the five elements and how the proper balance of these elements can help bring harmony to the different aspects of my life. Since my rearrangement of the elements in my bedroom and the pairing of accessories I have had someone I’ve known for awhile start showing serious romantic interest in me. Your suggested rearrangement of my office space has also opened up a more relaxing and productive atmosphere for me. I still have work to do on my bedroom, but it seems to be working better so far. I will try to get the rest done this week. I`m looking forward to our follow up appointment. I was very impressed by the great job you did putting together the profile. 

Thank you,  Randy S.  

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Dear Michelle,
For as long as I live, I will never be able to "Thank You" enough for your "Feng Shui" consultation at my West Palm Beach Villa. Soon after I followed the directions per my floor plan, my life really did change for the better. I asked for a stress free job and a new man in my life. I followed your Feng Shui suggestions on how I should arrange & add certain colors to my rooms, and the Feng Shui magic began. First I re-met an old friend and now I have a loving & happy relationship with him. No trauma! Then soon after, my new job just fell into place as well. I'm feeling much better about going to work in the mornings and I was never a morning person to begin with. Your "Feng Shui Bathroom" Newsletter tips really helped me get started in the mornings. I find my self being in a better mood more and I'm much happier. 
I had some friends visit me recently, they mentioned how comfortable and relaxed they felt in my Villa. They raved about the little water fountain in the Living room area you gave me. Prior to "Feng Shui-ing" my Villa, when I left work I would go straight to the pub for a brew to unwind. Now, after work I can't wait to go straight home and totally relax in my new environment. Please don't stop sending me your monthly Feng Shui Newsletters. The tips are very helpful and useful. 
Your Friend for life, Maureen M.
West Palm Beach, FL


It was a pleasure meeting you the other evening. I really enjoyed your lecture and feel I have a little better understanding of Feng Shui. There was a lot of things I got out of your presentation. I went out yesterday and got plants for my missing prosperity area. 
I hope to attend your class next week and I signed up for your email list too. 
Thanks Again, Sariyah A.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hey Michelle!
I just Feng Shui-ed my office!!!! It works... I can't believe it. I have completely moved all my furniture. It was all against the wall (how boring) and now my desk faces west and I look out the window. I LOVE IT! Thanks so much. I can't wait to work on the other areas of my home. 
Suzanne A.
Hingham, MA

Dear Michelle,
Carina and I do not know how to thank you for the amazing job you did for us! As you know we moved from our cozy home in Tampa to a cold condominium, we both felt that this was not a home until you made the changes. I was amazed the way you sat down and explained all elements and how the proper balance of these elements can help bring harmony to the different aspects of our lives. You blew my mind away when you started to rearrange the condo. You began in the entrance hall making it inviting, and then started to change the living/dining room area making it a warm cozy feeling by putting all the elements together. In my bedroom you made me change the accessories, mom’s paintings and believe me it did make a big change in my life. I am more at ease, love my bedroom and I am more relaxed. I still have to change a few things like the comforter (still not found the right one), but I love my bedroom. You suggested not working in my bedroom, but when you come back for the follow up you can tell me where to put the office, since I have to work from home. Carina's room is her haven, she’s still is messy like a teenager but she loves it and is her place, and we still need to do the draperies over the mirror doors. Carina is more relaxed, focused, and loves our home. I’m looking forward to our follow up and I will try to get the rest done after the holidays. We were very impressed by the great job you did for us. Our home is warm, cozy, and loving. The profile was the perfect finish to a great job.
We thank you for making our apartment a Home!!!
Susie and Carina P.
North Miami Beach, FL

Hello Michelle,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful, and informative newsletters I receive from you. I really enjoy reading, and reviewing them. They help me to keep on track with trying to bring balance, and harmony into my life. What you teach is very much part of what I
have spent my adult life learning about, and doing in real life. Please keep me on your mailing list.
Aloha, Kauai M.
Tampa Bay, FL


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