Your spirirt defines your space

As within, so without, your home is an extension of you.  We take great pleasure in designing unique rooms that reflect the characteristics of your personality and lifestyle that make you feel whole, happy and fulfilled. While we can all appreciate great interior design, what symbolizes the underlying design elements is often a matter of individual taste.  What appeals to one person's sensibilities may not appeal to another's.   That is why taking your individual personality, perceptions and sensitivities into account is the guiding principle of our work.  It is also guided by another principle; that of Feng Shui. Whether your space is dedicated to productivity, relaxation or entertainment, Santamaria Designs guarantees a decor that will resonate deeply with your sense of self and place.


Feng Shui Interior Design

For more than 20 years, Santamaria Designs has worked with our clients to create remarkable environments that inspire and restore the mind, body and spirit.  Working closely with you, we explore your aspirations, lifestyle and tastes, to orchestrate design elements that reflect your authentic self.  From there, we apply the ancient principles of Feng Shui to optimize harmony and balance to embody those desires.


Pilar Reyes
President, Santamaria Designs

Pilar Reyes graduated from the acclaimed School of Architecture of the Universidad Javeriana Bogota, Colombia.  After 25 years of designing for renowned architect and decorator Richardo Vargas Espinoza, she launched her own firm, Reyes Santamaria Arquitectos, in 1995. In 2000, Pilar moved to Florida and brought her international perspective to the United States.  One year later, she founded Santamaria Designs.  She believes that each client's ultimate happiness while enjoying their beautiful spaces comes from the perfect balance of positive energy - so that each room she decorates brings joy to the eye and to the heart.  The company has since completed hundreds of decorating and creative remodeling projects, winning recognition nationally and internationally.  In addition to these accolades, Pilar is most proud of the feedback she has received personally from her clients - the individuals and families whose homes she has transformed into the living vision of their dreams.  


Thirty years ago, Pilar took a course in Feng Shui and has been infusing her designs with these principles ever since.  Now, she has seen the world coming to embrace these ancient philosophies and their contemporary design applications - and now she is pleased to be featuring dedicated Feng Shui services, with Feng Shui Master, Michelle Luongo.  Thanks to Pilar's unique international perspective, Santamaria Designs is a singular choice for Feng Shui Interior Design in South Florida.


Michelle Luongo, CFSP, IFSG, IDCEC
Certified Feng Shui Master

Michelle is an internationally recognized expert and educator in the discipline of Feng Shui.  She is the founder and principal of Balanced Living, Inc., as well as the founder of the East Coast Institute of Feng Shui. Michelle's education encompasses the broad, diverse field of Feng Shui, having studied with leading masters from the US, the UK and Asia.  Michelle's creative and highly intuitive approach to the practice has made her a truly authentic representative in the mind, heart and spirit of the Feng Shui philosophy.  As a leader in the Feng Shui Interior Design community, Michelle is a continuing education provider for the State Board of Architecture and Interior Design.  She has also worked in partnership with DCOTA, Design Center of the Americas (Dania Beach, FL), the MPDC, Marketplace Design Center (Philadelphia, PA), the MDC, Miromar Design Center (Estero, FL), and the   AI, Miami International University of Art and Design (Miami, FL).  Born and raised in New York, Michelle now makes her home in South Florida and serves both commercial and residential clients internationally.


Santamaria Designs brings together a group of experienced and passionate design professionals who coordinate their specialties to create a strong, unified team, capable of making your dream home a reality.  We prioritize service above all else, promising both efficiency and excellence to our clients. 


Our goal is to satisfy your design dreams with integrated services, including remodeling, construction, staging and decorative services.  You will have the full extent of our resources and expertise to achieve the ideal space for you to live happily, work productively and grow spiritually.  We develop our projects from start to finish, in a coordinated and centralized manner, within our network of trusted contractors.  This full-service approach results in a seamless look and feel, given that all aspects of the project will be taken into account from the start.


Santamaria Designs would be honored to transform your space into your sanctuary, creating stunning rooms with spiritual harmony, and infusing the elements of Feng Shui to make your house your haven.Contact us today for an initial consultation.



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