The Balanced Living Consultation 

A Feng Shui consultation will teach you how to read the symbolism and energy of your home, and empowers you to bring alignment of your inner self with your surroundings and  to your world.  The consultation initiates with a conversation designed to impart a clarity towards your aspiration, needs and desires.  From this place of heightened self-awareness, we help you create the surroundings that support you and your objectives...of how you wish to live, work, and be.


Each on-site consultation provides a personal visit to your home or business or an in-depth remote consultation. Several Feng Shui schools of thought offer a seamlessly blend of various methods and provide the most effective solution.  All consultations are focused on the practical applications it has in our Western culture.


Michelle offers a one hour complimentary follow-up conference call with all of her clients to insure a thorough understanding of the process of Feng Shui and a clarity of intention for reaching the clients goals and objectives.


"As a Feng Shui consultant, my role is first to achieve a harmonious balance within any home or work space that enhances your well being. It is the marriage of people and places to their desires, intention and aspirations. My ultimate responsibility is to bring you awareness of areas of strength and potential, and reveal environmental imbalances, or other possible challenges. My recommendations will address corrective measures to transform and enhance your life in areas of concern". 




By focusing on your clear objectives we work with you to create an environment that is harmonious, balanced, and supportive.  We introduce the principles of Feng Shui by delving into the life aspirations of the Bagua, as well as balancing the elements to divert and retain beneficial qi (energy) in your home. By deliberately positioning interior design elements of lighting, color, placement of furniture, mirrors, plants, and landscaping, and the arrangement of environmental affirmation, we co-create a healthy environment that maximize your human potential and well-being.


Did you know that incorporating Feng Shui techniques and design elements can help you improve your business, employee morale, customer satisfaction, and overall success?  This isn't simple conjecture.  Research from the rapidly emerging field of Applied Behavioral Economics reveals what people feel about your business is often as important, if not more important, than what they think about your business!  Applying Feng Shui in your commercial setting invites people to feel welcome, at ease, and more likely to connect and engage with you.  Together, we will conduct a careful analysis on how to improve the "first impressions" of your business, as well explore ways to enhance areas related to opportunities for growth, improve your standing in the community, and attract new customers.


By utilizing detailed questions, digital photographs or video, floor plan, and precise compass directions, we can provide a long distance evaluation of your home or business and deliver information on how to enhance the property based on Feng Shui guidelines. A remote consultation is a fast and easy way to start applying Feng Shui. Skype is recommended to personalize your experience.



Clutter in any area of your home is a sign of stuck, stagnant energy.  Depending on the area where your clutter is located, it can also negatively influence the flow of events in specific areas of your life.  Based on the principles of Feng Shui, the accumulation of clutter disrupts the flow of positive qi.  If your house is full, then so is your life, and there's no room for growth.  Clutter can also suggest a person's lack of confidence in the future by clinging to items from the past.  The best course of action to organize the space for most beneficial results starts with an in-depth evaluation of the home or business. A Professional Organizer is avaialbe upon request.




Real Estate for Feng Shui unites ancient wisdom with modern design to allow you to make decisions on purchasing your next home. It is an ancient custom to match the home with the future occupants for the most potential and opportunity. As a property investor, or potential buyer, Feng Shui can identify imbalances and suggest anticipated recommendations..Whether you are a Realtor, Real Estate Professional, Property Investor or preparing your property for sale by owner, Real Estate Feng Shui is a powerful advantage in the evaluation of a property. 


When you prepare to sell your home, you'll find that employing Feng Shui practices can add perceived value to your home in a buyer's heart and mind.  Choosing a home is both an economically-driven and emotionally-driven decision.  How a buyer feels in your house can help sway their decision in your favor!  As is the case with all home sales, first impressions are important, and Feng Shui theories can come into play to bring positive and moving energy into the house.  We begin by clearing space in the house, enabling your prospective buyer to feel present and at ease. This process sets in motion a powerful energy, but it also gives you a head start on your next adventure, too!  In Feng Shui Home Staging, presentation is crucial and with the application of Feng Shui guidelines, there's a good chance that your home will draw buyers easily.



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