Eva R. - Pemberton, NJ

 I have been reading and practicing Feng Shui for  many years. The training gave me so much more information and clarity. I feel well prepared to start providing consultations for clients as

well as utilizing the expanded knowledge in my own home. The training was fantastic! I would

recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own business or just has an interest in Feng Shui. 

Susie P. - Sunny Isles, FL.

  Carina and I do not know how to thank you for the amazing job you did for us! As you know we moved from our cozy home in Tampa to a cold condominium, we both felt that this was not a home until you made the changes. I was amazed the way you sat down and explained all elements and how the proper balance of these elements can help bring harmony to the different aspects of our lives.  

Vicki K. - West Palm Beach, FL

 I consider myself an intermediate practitioner of Feng Shui, having taken over 30 some hours of

classwork in the past. Of all my previous instruction, Michelle had created the most useful tools and charts for the designer to apply the Feng Shui principles. Her in depth research and studies have made the application of Feng Shui an easier process . Thank You!

Melissa D. - Charleston, SC

 I think you created a great program that teaches Feng Shui in an easy to learn manner. It allows

you to be fully immersed but also able to carry on with real life. I found the timing of the training

more attractive than having to attend shorter classes over a longer period of time.

Sariyah A. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

 It was a pleasure meeting you the other evening. I really enjoyed your lecture and feel I have a little better understanding of Feng Shui. There was a lot of things I got out of your presentation. I went out yesterday and got plants for my missing prosperity area.  I hope to attend your class next week and I signed up for your email list too.  

Suzanne A. - Hingham, MA

 I just Feng Shui-ed my office!!!! It works... I can't believe it. I have completely moved all my furniture. It was all against the wall (how boring) and now my desk faces west and I look out the window. I LOVE IT! Thanks so much. I can't wait to work on the other areas of my home.  

feng shui fun days

NAPO, South Florida

 On Behalf of NAPO-South Florida chapter, I would like to thank you for a fantastic presentation! The members and guests feel that they gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of Feng Shui. We appreciate the time and effort you put in helping us achieve such a successful meeting.  

Adriana L. - Sunny Isles, FL

 The program was great! Michelle is a wonderful teacher, very professional and organized. I

learned a lot and I am very excited to start my journey! I didn't know what to expect, but when I

finished the program I was very impressed! I highly recommend it to everyone!

Glass Law Group, PA

 It is impossible to overstate the impact Michelle has had on the work environment in my law office. Her capacity to turn chaos into logical order is remarkable.   The impact of these changes rapidly went well beyond the clean desk and organized file drawers. It extended to a new attitude in the workplace and a sense of order. 

Terry M. - Venice, FL.

 If there is a master of Feng Shui along the East Coast, and its application to quieting the cacophony of our modern, technologically noisy world, it is Michelle.  I've known her for more than seven years, and witnessed her tireless study and interpretation of this powerful approach to creating harmony, peace, flow, and abundance in our Western lives.  

Joanne M. - Sonora, TX.

Words cannot adequately express my deep appreciation. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents for our home during THE SONORA PROJECT. Thank you for being a such a positive force in our lives and looking forward to future good times and adventures.

Thanks again for your amazing work and look forward to your return.

James S. - West Palm Beach, FL.

 Thank you so much. I'm restoring a barn shed to make a home office in the back yard and could use some positive energy flowing there. I've been into Feng Shui about 20 years but sometimes I forget things. I like that you listed the fish and the direction of water flow. I was thinking Koi, but may use one of the fish you listed. Your blog has the most accurate information I've seen on the internet. Thanks again!  

Eugenie R. Miami, FL.

 In my professional life in the medical field, I have attended extensive training's for over 18 years

in order to meet the requirements as requested by the state. I can attest that the Feng Shui

Practitioner Certification has been one of the best training I have attended. The professionalism, extensive knowledge, high ethic standards and the caring disposition of Michelle paired with her excellence and grace in communications has made an impact on me. 

Marilyn F. - Hollywood, FL.

I loved the Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Training Program. I left the training feeling very

motivated and inspired to apply what I have learned to my professional and personal life.

Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful and patient presenter. I am very happy that I made the decision to take this training and I would recommend it to anyone who would want a very comprehensive program to learn the essential principles of Feng Shui.

Randy S. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

  My Feng Shui consultation was brilliant. I loved the way you sat down and explained the five elements and how the proper balance of these elements can help bring harmony to the different aspects of my life. Since my rearrangement of the elements in my bedroom and the pairing of accessories I have had someone I've known for awhile start showing serious romantic interest in me. I`m looking forward to our follow up appointment. 

Fernando I. - Miami, FL.

The training was great. It completely exceeded my expectations on what I was going to learn. It

was a real eye opener as well because it cleared many Feng Shui wrong pre-conceptions I had,

and provided a great step by step system to learn this art form and become a certified practitioner. Michelle is an excellent teacher and I was very impressed by her knowledge and her placid and patient disposition towards her students. The course material is amazing, and I was very glad to see that we covered everything.

Maureen M. - West Palm Beach, FL.

 For as long as I live, I will never be able to "Thank You" enough for your "Feng Shui" consultation at my West Palm Beach Villa. Soon after I followed the directions per my floor plan, my life really did change for the better. I asked for a stress free job and a new man in my life. I followed your Feng Shui suggestions on how I should arrange & add certain colors to my rooms, and the Feng Shui magic began. First I re-met an old friend and now I have a loving & happy relationship with him. No trauma!  

Nancy A. - West Palm Beach, FL

I feel very fortunate to have found this program and highly recommend it to everyone!

Everything you need to heal, improve and manifest in your life is found within these principles. Taking this program and learning about Feng Shui has changed my life! I have so much more peace and harmony and am looking forward to finding a new career and direction. I am so gratified to have learned such valuable principles for taking charge of my life!