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 A Feng Shui consultation will teach you how to read the symbolism and energy of your home or business, and empowers you to bring alignment of your inner self with your surroundings and  to your world.  The consultation initiates with a conversation designed to bring clarity towards your aspiration, needs and desires.  From this place of heightened self-awareness, we help you create the surroundings that support you and your objectives...of how you wish to live, work, and be. 


Florida Feng Shui Consultant for Residential, Commercial and Real Estate

Residential & Commercial

Feng Shui Kitchen

 By focusing on your clear objectives we work with you to create an environment that is harmonious, balanced, and supportive.  We introduce the principles of Feng Shui by delving into the life aspirations of the Bagua, as well as balancing the elements to divert and retain beneficial qi (energy).  By deliberately positioning interior design elements and the arrangement of environmental affirmation, we co-create a healthy environment that maximize your human potential and well-being.  

Home Staging & Real Estate

Feng Shui Office

 When you prepare to sell your home, you'll find that employing Feng Shui practices can add perceived value to your home in a buyer's heart and mind.  Choosing a home is both an economically-driven and emotionally-driven decision.  

How a buyer feels in your house can help sway their decision in your favor!  In Feng Shui Home Staging, presentation is crucial and with the application of Feng Shui guidelines, there's a good chance that your home will draw buyers easily. 

Become a Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Floor Plan

 The East Coast Institute of Feng Shui provides a comprehensive programs of study for the  ancient teachings of Feng Shui.  Join us, as we guide you on an extraordinary journey into the ancient history of Feng Shui. Exploring the deep connection it has to our inner and outer worlds.  Master techniques designed to interpret your environments and manifest a transformation from the inside out. We offer the most comprehensive approach for preparing practitioners for success. Download for more information.